Canon 24-105mm f4 IS review – 5 reasons why it’s still a great lens

Initial impressions – I bought this lens with my Canon 6D as the standard kit lens. Its very solid in the hands, typical L lens quality look & feel and doesn’t lack for any necessary features.

Ease of use – really simple to use, the zoom function is quick and easy as too is the manual focus option should you require that. Just stick it on the front of your camera body and shoot away.

Features – auto focus/manual focus, zoom either auto or manual, focus either auto or manual, weather sealed, options for a front filter to screw in for effects or lens protection. And most importantly IS – image stabilsation.

Image quality – superb quality even though this lens is 9 years old. Recently many reviewers have been stating that third party manufacturers are producing better and sharper glass, butIi just don’t see it. If I can produce sharp, punchy, and popping pictures with this lens then so can you.

Compared with 3rd party lens – don’t know yet as I haven’t tried them.

This is a quality walk around lens made for Canon cameras that will endure the weather, dust and most climates whilst offering superb image quality. as at todays date there are over 213,000 photos from over 10,000 members on Flickr having been shot with this lens and most are outstanding.IMG_1961-0.PNG

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