Fuji x100s review – why so many photographers have/want this camera

This is your take everywhere camera that has image quality that rivals full frame sensors with expensive lenses. Despite it’s few quirks it’s well worth learning the cameras navigation and features to get extraordinary image quality in all types of circumstances. If this is one of your first cameras, it will take some getting used to, but well worth it. If image quality matters, this camera is for you. If you need a high quality backup camera or a small high quality travel camera, the x100s is for you.

Initial impressions – cool retro old 35mm film look. Controls need a bit of getting used to as this camera certainly has it’s quirks, however it’s fairly easy to navigate the menus that are generally self explanatory.

Features – fantastic xtrans ii sensor, nd filter, 23mm f2 lens (35mm equivalent), colour film options, wonderful panorama mode, excellent internal flash, optical and electronic viewfinder, reasonably fast AF, good manual controls, small, light, totally cool.

Setup – easy, insert battery and sd card and shoot.

Battery life – If you’re going to shoot all day you’ll need a few extra batteries.

Image quality – this is why you’d buy this camera, to me it has a full frame look and feel, unbelievable quality and details wonderful colours and the jpeg engine is the best I’ve used. Really little reason to shoot raw unless you’re using it for commercial work.

AF – what’s it’s really like – it’s fine as no ones really going to shoot sports with this camera.

Samples – see below

Conclusion – the best walk around general purpose camera for people, landscapes and life with outstanding image quality in a light and portable package.IMG_1981.JPGIMG_1976.JPG



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