Portraits with Canon 6d and 50mm f1.4 usm using bounce flash

Trying to get my children to sit for a portrait is almost impossible, however very occasionally I’m able to solicit some cooperation and try something, even if it’s just for a few minutes. These shots were taken with about 2 minutes notice, and I had less than a few minutes to shoot.

I used the Canon 6d, 50mm f1.4 lens as that was already on the camera, and the Canon 430 ex ii flash. I shot these in manual mode to try and get the right balance between shutter, aperture and iso, but I didn’t have long so many decisions were made on the run. From memory the aperture was around f5.6, ISO set at the lowest possible (ISO 50), and shutter speed was around 1/125. Flash was set to manual full power bounced off a ceiling about 2.5m in height. After a few test shots these were deemed the best settings given the time I had. Children don’t wait for photographers. All shot as jpeg fine as I don’t have time for massive post processing exercises and these jpeg files are great. If the odd highlight is blown out, that’s ok as I’m not entering photo competitions and being judged by perfectionists, and to be fair I’ve never had anyone say, “oh great shot, but I would have shot raw to bring back the highlights”……..I’ll leave that for the online experts.

Post processing is easy for me, I drop the jpeg files into a folder, scan for the best ones, take them into Photoshop Elements 10 and run Perfectly Clear on my preferred settings each photo takes 1 minute. For black and white I’ll open Nik software in Photoshop and run Silverefex on the fine art processing default.

Hope you like the result. Let me know how you prefer to shoot on the run for portraits.





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