Fujifilm x100 low light hand held contender

The original Fujifilm x100 is still a great camera. Although updated since by the x100s & x100t, it can still hold it’s own in terms of low light detail. I was recently looking at some older hand held shots with this camera before I upgraded to the x100s, and I’m still astonished at the detail and clarity all straight from the camera produced jpeg. Remember hand held at night is very tough to get even close to sharp. Since the original release of this camera, Fuji have released new software that increases the focus speed and improves several other features (so I’ve read). Looking at these shots I’m almost tempted to jump on ebay and buy myself a black one – just looked and they’re selling for between $500 & $700 AU or $550 to $750 US. At $500 I’m grabbing one.

All these shots with x100 jpeg hand held in auto mode whilst moving around in light rain, ie no time to setup and really think…….this time.





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