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Sydney Harbour Nightlights

Whilst waiting to pick up a family member from The Rocks, I took some time out to shoots some quintessential Sydney landscapes of the harbour by night. all using the Canon 6d and 17-40mm in raw and processed in Lightroom. I even managed to accidentally capture some fireworks.

IMG_9509 IMG_9518IMG_9517IMG_9520 IMG_9508 IMG_9497

Canon 7d Mk ii weekend shots manual mode

Here’s a few shots from the weekend from shooting the 7d mk ii with 70-200 f4 IS. These pics have been heavily cropped in Lightroom and downloaded from Dropbox so they’ve lost a little in the transfer. I’m finding the best way to shoot the 7d Mk ii is in manual mode with auto iso engaged. It give me a great deal of control and also affords me the speed I need to change the settings quickly. To do this I have the auto iso maxed out at either 3200 or 6400. Any higher than that and the loss is more noticeable. I like having control over shutter speed and apeture. 


Lining up a forward attack


Running boy


Heads up


Protest Against Organ Harvesting in China

Every now and then you hear something that stops you in your tracks….literally. There was a protest in Sydney today to make people aware of the alleged problem of live organ harvesting in China. But first some background. Falun Gong (a.k.a. Falun Dafa) is a spiritual practice rooted from ancient Chinese culture. It consists of meditative exercises and a moral philosophy centered on the tenets of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. It was made public in China in 1992, and freely practiced in over 80 countries around the world. During the 1990s in China, over 70 million people took up the practice of Falun Gong, which, at the time, was openly promoted by Chinese authorities. According to, communist leaders came to fear that Falun Gong was ideological competition because of its independence, popularity, and traditional spiritual content. In July 1999, claims the Communist Party launched a campaign to eradicate Falun Gong through extensive propaganda, mass imprisonment, torture, and organ harvesting. claims these atrocities continue to this day and multiple independent investigations estimate that 40,000-65,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been killed to fuel China’s lucrative organ transplant industry.

I was horrified. How could this be true? If you’re interested in learning more go to and make up your own mind.

All pictures taken with x100s and processed in Lightroom.


Protestors outside Sydney Town Hall steps


Protestors in uniform to make their point


Simply unimaginable


A family who made their way to Australia by boat to escape the live organ trade. They are living witnesses. Welcome to Australia and wishing you great happiness and opportunity.


Panorama of the protestors and the “living witnesses”


Meditating, praying, connecting with the spiritual world for strength, truth and enlightenment


Dedicated protestor seeking solutions from a higher power


Protestors were handing out newspapers to the lunchtime crowds


Sign me up and let my objection by heard


Easter in the Hunter Valley Canon 6d and 24-70 F4 & Canon 17-40mm

The Hunter Valley is about 2 hours drive north of Sydney and is home to some of the best wineries in Australia. If you’re after a great white wine this is the place to visit. Besides what a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney and grab some fresh country air to recharge the batteries as winter beckons. This was just the chance to test out the Canon 6d with the Canon 24-70 F4 IS and Canon 17-40mm lenses.¬†We stayed at Cypress Lakes Resort that is centrally based and has a wonderful golf course amongst other facilities.

Morning view from our room using the Canon 6d with 17-40mm and using the in camera HDR function with auto align and mirror lock up. I actually just rested the camera on the balcony and used the 2 second timer to reduce camera shake. Edited in PSE 10 with Nik Siftware.

IMG_8846 copy

Where else would you find Kangaroos on a golf course? Canon 6d with 24-70 F4 IS cropped in post.

IMG_8851 copy

Using the macro option on the 24-70 F4 IS and very happy with the result.

IMG_8712 copy

Wooden solider outside the lolly shop in the shopping village near Hunter Valley Gardens.

IMG_8905 copy

Hunter Valley Gardens is a must visit. Shot with the 17-40mm.

IMG_8914 copy

Converted to black & white using Nik Silver Efex lets the light through the trees really speak.

IMG_8946 copy

Entrance to the Oriental Gardens

IMG_9083 copy

Formal gardens

IMG_9148 copy

Lakes vista from Hunter Valley Gardens

IMG_9159 copy

View across the Hunter Valley using the 17-40mm

IMG_9335 copy

Wine barrels in the Hunter Valley carry about $15,000 worth of wine and taken between 4-10 months to age depending on the type of wine.

IMG_9362 copy

Quality control is a serious business in the wineries

IMG_9383 copy

Of course the wine tasting is a nice way to finish a wine tour, macro shot on the 24-70 F4 IS