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Canon 7dii is an amazing sports camera

The more I use this camera the more I love it. For sports it’s almost perfect. If it was full frame 18 or 22 megapixels then bingo….but that’s called a 1DX! My favorite lens on this camera is the 70-200 f4 IS because it’s super sharp, excellent colour & contrast + it’s far smaller than it’s bigger brother – the f2.8, which I’m sure is better but it’s also bigger. Maybe these higher iso’s make f4 the new f2.8? 

What I really love:

  • Autofocus is superb
  • Colour rendition is superb
  • Buffer is endless for JPEG & excellent for raw files
  • Menu easy to navigate & familiar Canon interface
  • Custom settings very handy
  • High ISO setting outstanding
  • Sensor is better than some people think….my A1 prints are very detailed and retain excellent clarity
  • Battery life very good
  • Built in flash handy on high contrast days
  • Dual card slot gives flex ability
  • Interverlometer and bulb settings are professional grade
  • Very good rear LCD

It is amazing value for the money and the apsc sensor is better than many armchair critics would like to admit. Well done Canon, this is a wonderful camera. Just buy one and enjoy the pictures.


Snap portrait Canon 7dii using built in flash

Lots has been said about the Canon 7dii being an excellent sports & action camera, however it handles portraits really well for an apsc sensor, even with the built in flash. This was taken with a 24-70 f4 lens. All shot raw & processed in Lightroom cc.


FujiFilm x100s keeps surprising on the upside with ninja technology

The Fuji x100s is a fantastic camera. Hands down one of the best cameras you can use for candid people shots and travel photography. Trouble is I often forget how good it is until I pick the camera up again and start using it. The following shots were all taken in Program mode which is the x100s auto mode. I just let the camera decide the exposure and apeture so I can focus on the composition for quick stealthy family pictures. Stealthy Ninja pics. And yes with my son playing a video game the last thing he was focussed on was me. All pictures taken in raw and processed in Lightroom CC with black and whites processed in Nik software. All were around 1/70th sec at F2.0 and iso around 1600 to 3200. Click all photos for larger versions. Apologies as these have been uploaded and download so there will be some loss because of that.