Canon 7dii is an amazing sports camera

The more I use this camera the more I love it. For sports it’s almost perfect. If it was full frame 18 or 22 megapixels then bingo….but that’s called a 1DX! My favorite lens on this camera is the 70-200 f4 IS because it’s super sharp, excellent colour & contrast + it’s far smaller than it’s bigger brother – the f2.8, which I’m sure is better but it’s also bigger. Maybe these higher iso’s make f4 the new f2.8? 

What I really love:

  • Autofocus is superb
  • Colour rendition is superb
  • Buffer is endless for JPEG & excellent for raw files
  • Menu easy to navigate & familiar Canon interface
  • Custom settings very handy
  • High ISO setting outstanding
  • Sensor is better than some people think….my A1 prints are very detailed and retain excellent clarity
  • Battery life very good
  • Built in flash handy on high contrast days
  • Dual card slot gives flex ability
  • Interverlometer and bulb settings are professional grade
  • Very good rear LCD

It is amazing value for the money and the apsc sensor is better than many armchair critics would like to admit. Well done Canon, this is a wonderful camera. Just buy one and enjoy the pictures.


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