17 things I’ve learnt about shooting sports with the Canon 7d Mark ii

  1. The resolution is so good you don’t need a full frame camera anymore
  2. The expanded ISO is awesome
  3. Shoot raw as the buffer will handle most situations
  4. The raw file recover anything as well as most full frame cameras
  5. Battery life is very good
  6. Shoot manual, shoot f8, seg the desired shutter speed, for me that’s between 1/1000 & 1/1600
  7. Evaluative metering works well most of the time
  8. Auto white balance works well most of the time
  9. Use the CF card first as it seems to have slightly faster write speeds
  10. The autofocus is the market leader, and it’s not as hard to work out as it seems
  11. A 70-200 f4 will suffice most of the time due to the crop sensor reach & the detail retained from cropping in post
  12. Edit in Lightroom and save your favorite presets
  13. Use light rooms new anti haze effect on +7 all the time for extra sharpness & depth 
  14. Forgot monopods for anything over 1/100 shutter speed as it’s a waste with in lens IS
  15. Buy a Canon 70-200 f4 L lens, smaller & lighter than f2.8 and cheaper – just as sharp
  16. Know the sport to predict the action
  17. Share your photos with friends & teammates
  18. The pics below have been cropped (a lot) and were shot in raw & developed in Lightroom + detail lost because I’ve downloaded them from Dropbox to my phone!!!!


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