Little Corella with Canon 7dii + 70-200 f4

Centennial Park in Sydney is a great place to catch all types of bird life in action. Today I captured the Litte Corella in action, also known as the bare-eyed cockatoo, blood-stained cockatoo, short-billed corella, little cockatoo and blue-eyed cockatoo, is a white cockatoo native to Australia and southern New Guinea. A flock to be more accurate. These are interesting & animated birds. When little corellas play, they become very noisy. They have conversations with each other, fly around and also show off. Reasonably friendly too. All photos captured with 7dii & 70-200 f4, raw processed in Lightroom. Click all images for bigger view.

180A7575 180A7574 180A7562 180A7422 180A7368 180A7359 180A7357 180A7343 180A7340 180A7289 180A7245

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