Fuji XT10 and 55-200mm – great for action photography

A game of cricket was an ideal place to test the new Fuji XT10 with 55-200mm. Fast paced batting and bowling would test the AF properly under real conditions. Here’s the setup:

  1. XT10 in manual mode with 55-200mm attached with hood in place
  2. Aperture kept around F9 or F10 to ensure enough depth of field (in focus area) whilst zooming. Remember when zooming the area of focus gets smaller so using F9 rather than F4 is generally better for sports
  3. Shutter speeds kept around 1/1000th to 1/1600th of a second
  4. ISO was set to one of the Fuji custom modes that will auto set ISO between 200 and 3200 – obviously the lower the better but the camera will handle these ISO reasonably well
  5. Shutter was set to CH – continuous high
  6. AF mode was set to S – next time I’ll try out C, I’ve read the C mode with zone focussing is effective – have to test
  7. AF zone was used most of the time unless I tried the single point, which was not as effective
  8. All shot in raw – buffer was usually 5-7 shots, I know the game well so was able to anticipate the action
  9. All post processing in Lightroom and all shots were heavily cropped – something I needed to do unless I had a 400mm lens – Fuji are rumoured to be releasing a 100-400mm soon
  10. Lens OIS was kept on – however at these large shutter speeds it didn’t really need it
  11. I used a combination of viewfinder and LCD flip screen for lower angle shots
  12. No exposure comp was used

What surprised me?

  1. The XT10 is smaller & lighter than a dslr without effecting shooting
  2. AF accuracy was excellent in all but the single point for action – the single point is too precise but the AF zone worked very well – but not as good as a dslr
  3. The buffer was not as good as many dslrs, but passable
  4. The file quality was better than expected – raw had plenty of latitude for corrections – however many dslrs have more than 24 megapixels which will be especially noticeable when cropping heavily
  5. The 55-200mm is a very good lens

I like both of mirrorless and dslrs for different reasons. I’m a long time fan of dslrs and lenses. The Fuji XT10 really surprised me in so many ways that the differences for me (we’re all different) vs a dslr seems to be getting less.

Click all pics for larger view.

The Fuji XT10 with 55-200 captures a batsman in full swing.
The Fuji has no problems capturing action – remember these are all heavily cropped
AF works very well to capture the key moments – apologies for the bin in the background 🙂

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