Will I ever need a full frame camera again?

Yes I’ve sold my Canon 6d. I didn’t intend on selling my 6d. It’s a great camera. It produces wonderful images, is reasonably light weight, is packed full of features and is easy to use with a range of fantastic lenses. Its full frame sensor is full of goodness in detail and high ISO. I’ve always tended to shoot Canon cameras, and love my 7dii, just as I did with with my older 60d. But sold it I did. The reason I sold the 6d is because I realised I don’t really need a full frame camera anymore. In fact I’m realising I may never need a full frame camera ever again. Here’s why:

  1. The development of apsc sensors has advanced significantly. They have greater pixel density therefore better resolution allowing me to crop in post if necessary. The Canon 7dii is exceptional at retaining from crops.
  2. I’m not shooting in extremely dark locations 99% of the time. Even so the testing I’ve done with the 7dii and XT10 have shown very pleasing results at significantly high ISO’s.
  3. I don’t mind a little noise if I have to push the ISO past 3200 or 6400.
  4. I don’t mind using a flash (bounce) or a LED light to illuminate the room without overpowering the scene.
  5. Crop factors of 1.5x or 1.6x allow me to get closer without buying lenses that cost more than $1000.
  6. The sensor is not everything, there’s also the software in the camera that effects the output, which seems to have improved significantly.
  7. The money I can save from the lower cost sensor allows me to invest in glass.
  8. I’m not into pixel peeping. If you are then buy a medium format digital or something like the new Sony A7IIR or Canon 5DRs etc etc.
  9. Dynamic range debates are overrated. Almost every camera sold today has plenty of dynamic range to adjust if required.

Will I ever buy a full frame camera again? Maybe……never say never, but right now the apsc sensor still has many years life left in plenty of new cameras yet to be launched.

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