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Fuji 16mm f1.4 review with XT10

Wow. Yes it’s that good. And more. This lens on the XT10 could become the street photography lens of all time. I’ll be shooting some street tomorrow so watch for those posts. This lens is super sharp, super detailed, easy to engage manual whilst still in ‘s’ mode with a manual focus clutch and the colours are superb. It’s full frame equivalent is roughly 24mm, which is a great all purpose focal lens for many uses. But it also focuses so closely it is almost a macro lens as well. It is expensive, however Fuji have a rebate until the end of the year, so worth checking out. Even at f1.4 its really sharp.

What I really like

  1. focus speed
  2. clutch manual over ride
  3. clarity
  4. macro ability
  5. corner to corner sharpness

What I’d like to see improved

  1. nothing – just cheaper 🙂

Here’s a few simple test shots for a look.


Click for bigger. 800 iso 1/850 and raw edited in Lightroom.


Click for bigger. At 1.4 the depth of field is very narrow.


Click for bigger


Click for bigger

The moment vs technology – 2 quick shots from the Canon 7dii with 24-70 f4

Yes the Canon 7dii can also capture great candid portraiture. These shots were taken at home in candid situations with no planning and time posing. One was even shot in complete auto mode (shock horror). The moment always triumphs technology.


Captured at ISO 6400 with only available light source from a laptop. Click for bigger.


My daughter captured this in full auto mode. Kids can teach us much about composition. Click for bigger.