Fujifilm X70 review

The Fujifilm X70 is the latest fixed lens APSC sensor camera with the Xtrans II sensor. Without spending hours describing it, it’s effectively an X100T with no OVF, different lens and smaller and pocketable. Oh and it has a touchscreen that is tiltable which also doubles as a tripod……on flat surfaces to steady long exposures, see pictures below. It’s also $500 cheaper. Below are some shots, but first some bullet points:

  • Is the lens sharp – yes, see watch pictures. At F2.8 this lens has a very narrow DOF so you need good technique to get accurate focus.
  • Firmware – same as the X100T, so you have everything you’d need.
  • Shutter – same as the X100T – manual & electronic up to 1/32000 of a second for those who love taking photos of really bright subjects.
  • Do I miss the OVF – no for me I can shoot either with or without an OVF.
  • Bonus feature – you can use the tiltable LCD screen to steady the camera for long exposure shots and it’s a touchscreen for shooting or for focus!
  • Do I miss changing lenses – yes that’s what my XT10 is for 🙂 – this is a carry everywhere, anytime high quality camera.

All pictures below shot raw then edited in Lightroom. Click any picture for bigger view.

F2.8 in low light
f2.8 in low light
f2.8 in low light
0.5 sec f8 iso 200
1/40th f4 iso 3200
1 sec f8 iso 200
1/4 sec f8 iso 200
1 sec f8 iso 200
1/4 sec f8 iso 200
1 sec f8 iso 200
1 sec f7.1 iso 200
1/2 sec f7.1 iso 200
1/30 sec f2.8 iso 200
1/60 f.28 iso 200


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