Fuji XT10 portraits with 35mm f1.4 + 55-200mm all jpeg in low light

Fuji jpegs are incredibly useful, especially when you’re just shooting for the family trying to capture a moment. Here are some pictures taken with the XT10 + 35mm f1.4 or 55-200mm. All shots taken indoors with limited light and only slightly edited in Lightroom. Yes I would use raw +jpeg for low light and important pictures to allow a broad scope for my exposure mistakes. Enjoy. Click any picture for bigger.

XT10 + 35mm 1/250 f2.8 at 3200 with 35mm f1.4 – nice how well Fuji jpegs hold up at high ISO’s
1/250 f4.2 (probably too narrow – should have been 6.3) ISO 3200 jpeg on 55-200mm
1/250 f1.7 ISO 3200 jpeg 55-200mm – again very limited editing in Lightroom – shot using Fuji film simulation B&W+G
1/160 f1.4 ISO 800 with 35mm f1.4 jpeg edited slightly in Lightroom. Notice how sharp this lens is at f1.4!!!!
35mm f1.4 etc

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