Canon 70-200mm f4 IS review – why I bought the f4 rather than the f2.8 version

I love this lens. It’s light, easy to use and produces beautiful pictures when coupled with the Canon 6d. Here’s my non technical impression.

Initial impressions – it’s so much smaller and lighter than the f2.8 version. The focus ring and zoom rings are solid and feel just right. The hood attachment is simple and it’s very well balanced on a 6d. The switches are all in the logical positions and are easy to operate. The fact that it can fit in a smaller camera bag and is lighter is huge for me.

Ease of use – just attach and shoot.

Features – the IS makes about a stops difference, and is only really effective when shooting non moving objects or in low light. But it does allow you to avoid those unnecessary vibrations that could ruin your shot. The other switch are for MF/AF and focal distance changes, i.e. up to 3m or from 3m to infinity……it just allows you to focus faster. The lens hood is solid, the lens will take filters (although I don’t like using them, so I just keep the hood on), and the image quality is superb.

Image quality – superb. Nothing else to say.

Samples – check these out

Compared with – vs f4 non IS – the only difference is the IS, so if you’re shooting above /125 most of the time the IS probably won’t make a difference. Vs the f2.8 IS and non IS – IS differences the same as the above, but the 2.8 will let more light in, so if shooting in low light is important to you whilst hand holding, then this option is probably best for you. Plus the f2.8 versions are bigger and heavier.

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