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Sydney Harbour Nightlights

Whilst waiting to pick up a family member from The Rocks, I took some time out to shoots some quintessential Sydney landscapes of the harbour by night. all using the Canon 6d and 17-40mm in raw and processed in Lightroom. I even managed to accidentally capture some fireworks.

IMG_9509 IMG_9518IMG_9517IMG_9520 IMG_9508 IMG_9497

Canon 7d Mk ii weekend shots manual mode

Here’s a few shots from the weekend from shooting the 7d mk ii with 70-200 f4 IS. These pics have been heavily cropped in Lightroom and downloaded from Dropbox so they’ve lost a little in the transfer. I’m finding the best way to shoot the 7d Mk ii is in manual mode with auto iso engaged. It give me a great deal of control and also affords me the speed I need to change the settings quickly. To do this I have the auto iso maxed out at either 3200 or 6400. Any higher than that and the loss is more noticeable. I like having control over shutter speed and apeture. 


Lining up a forward attack


Running boy


Heads up


Easter in the Hunter Valley Canon 6d and 24-70 F4 & Canon 17-40mm

The Hunter Valley is about 2 hours drive north of Sydney and is home to some of the best wineries in Australia. If you’re after a great white wine this is the place to visit. Besides what a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney and grab some fresh country air to recharge the batteries as winter beckons. This was just the chance to test out the Canon 6d with the Canon 24-70 F4 IS and Canon 17-40mm lenses. We stayed at Cypress Lakes Resort that is centrally based and has a wonderful golf course amongst other facilities.

Morning view from our room using the Canon 6d with 17-40mm and using the in camera HDR function with auto align and mirror lock up. I actually just rested the camera on the balcony and used the 2 second timer to reduce camera shake. Edited in PSE 10 with Nik Siftware.

IMG_8846 copy

Where else would you find Kangaroos on a golf course? Canon 6d with 24-70 F4 IS cropped in post.

IMG_8851 copy

Using the macro option on the 24-70 F4 IS and very happy with the result.

IMG_8712 copy

Wooden solider outside the lolly shop in the shopping village near Hunter Valley Gardens.

IMG_8905 copy

Hunter Valley Gardens is a must visit. Shot with the 17-40mm.

IMG_8914 copy

Converted to black & white using Nik Silver Efex lets the light through the trees really speak.

IMG_8946 copy

Entrance to the Oriental Gardens

IMG_9083 copy

Formal gardens

IMG_9148 copy

Lakes vista from Hunter Valley Gardens

IMG_9159 copy

View across the Hunter Valley using the 17-40mm

IMG_9335 copy

Wine barrels in the Hunter Valley carry about $15,000 worth of wine and taken between 4-10 months to age depending on the type of wine.

IMG_9362 copy

Quality control is a serious business in the wineries

IMG_9383 copy

Of course the wine tasting is a nice way to finish a wine tour, macro shot on the 24-70 F4 IS













Endeavour on Sydney Harbour with 7dii and 24-105mm in rain

On Australia Day this year we were fortunate to get a berth on the Endeavour, a direct replica of the original Endeavour that travelled from London to Sydney over 200 years ago. This trip around Sydney harbour made me realise how incredible the trip was in cramped conditions in rough and merciless seas.

The 7d ii and 24-105mm held up incredibly well in very trying conditions, and the weather sealing had a thorough testing and survived incredibly well. Unfortunately the rain and overcast conditions were not ideal, but I’m reasonably happy with the results. I shot most picture in Manual mode with auto ISO so I could easily set me shutter speed and aperture as required.


180A5001 copy

The Endeavour replica at Darling Harbour

180A5035 copy

30 kilometres of rigging and 750 wooden blocks or pulleys

180A5064 copy

Carving of an unknown person

180A5103 copy

The masts and spars carry 28 sails that spread approximately 10,000 sq feet (930 m2) of canvas

180A5110 copy

Sydney Ferry

180A5115 copy

Proud Australians

180A5162 copy

New warship

180A5196 copy 180A5211 copy 180A5214 copy 180A5237 copy 180A5299 copy 180A5307 copy 180A5309 copy 180A5331 copy 180A5346 copy 180A5352 copy 180A5371 copy 180A5376 copy 180A5392 copy 180A5402 copy 180A5447 copy 180A5491 copy 180A5508 copy 180A5575 copy 180A5607 copy 180A5642 copy 180A5828 copy 180A5934 copy 180A5942 copy 180A5944 copy 180A5964 copy 180A5984 copy 180A5991 copy 180A6018 copy 180A6031 copy


USS Missouri

Located in Pearl Harbor, the USS Missouri is the battleship where the war in the Pacific ended with the Japanese surrender. Very fitting that it’s located right next to the Arizona memorial. Missouri was commissioned in June 1944. In 1998, she was donated to the USS Missouri Memorial Association and became a museum located in Pearl Harbor. The USS Missouri fought in 4 wars – WWII, Korean, Desert Storm and the Gulf War. For more info see All taken with x100s, processed in PSE and Perfectly Clear.

DSCF5020 DSCF5021 DSCF4946

DSCF4948 copy

DSCF4937 copy

DSCF4933 copy

DSCF4956 copy DSCF4962 copy DSCF4966 copy