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Fujifilm XT1 + 23mm f1.4

Although a few years old now, this pairing of body and lens is capable of incredible results. I like the form factor of the XT1, and once familiar, for many photographers it’ll pack plenty of tech for most situations. Here’s a few photos as samples. Click for bigger.

Street photography Fujifilm XT2

Life is varied and everywhere. People doing all sorts of stuff. In Sydney near Hyde Park there is always an entertaining outdoor chess game being played with all sorts of characters. Took the chance to capture a few random moments.

Self portrait Fujifilm XPro1 + 35mm f2

So many new amazing cameras are launched every year. Yet one remains my personal favourite for its simplicity and ability to capture images with a sense of dimension. The Fujifilm XPro1 is still amazing. Paired with the wonderful 35mm f2 this self portrait with one hand illustrates the power of great light, great lens, and great camera. Raw files edited in Lightroom f4, 1/125.

Fujifilm XT20 and 50mm f2 (and flash) creates incredible portraits

There’s no doubt the Fujifilm XT20 is an incredible camera, both in terms of use and output. It’s small, lightweight, powerful and versatile. So too is Fujifilm’s 50mm f2 lens. Compared with many other 50mm lenses I own/have owned/have shot with, this is one of the best autofocus 50mm IMO. The best I’ve used is the 58mm Voigtlander f1.4, but thats a manual focus lens requiring an adapter (Nikon mount).

I decided to take a few very quick portraits with the Fujifilm XT20, Fujifilm 50mm f2 and a LightPix Labs flash (manual only no TTL so all the settings must be set physically. The flash was bounced off the ceiling and the shutter speed was 1/125, aperture was f2.8 and ISO 1000. I use auto-ISO on Fujifilm cameras as you can program the minimum and maximum across 3 custom settings. Flash setting were at 1/16. Face tracking was on with auto eye detect, and was very quick and accurate.

Below are a series of colour and B&W shots. All were shot RAW in LR so no simulations were used, except for the first B&W which was ACROS + G filter. Click on photos for bigger. Enjoy.

Fujifilm XT20 + 50mm f2

Lightpix Labs Q20 flash which can also detach and be fired using the square cube remote (hidden on mount)

XT20 1/125, f2.8, ISO 1000 bounce flash raw processed in Lightroom

XT20 1/125, f2.8, ISO 1000 bounce flash raw processed in Lightroom

XT20 1/125, f2.8, ISO 1000 bounce flash raw processed in Lightroom with ACROS + G simulation

XT20 1/125, f2.8, ISO 1000 bounce flash raw processed in Lightroom – standard B&W


Incredible pianist in Sydney

Everyday in Sydneys Queen Victoria Building there is an open piano for public use. Occasionally they are remarkable. Enjoy 😃 click link below

Cosina 20mm f3.5 fd mount on Fujifilm XT20

This is an old lens that is really only useful from f8 onwards. I went for a lunchtime stroll to the queen Victoria building in Sydney to see how the lens would perform on the tougher lighting conditions. The lens struggled wide open but was surprisingly good from F8 onwords. Enjoy.

Portrait with Fujifilm XT1 + Voigtlander 58mm f1.4

Just buy this lens! I have it for my Nikon and Fuji setups and its so wonderful for colour, contrast, bokeh and sharpness. With the Fuji it’s easy to use a manual focus lens as you can use the focus peaking function through the viewfinder. With my Nikon its a little more difficult as you have to trust your eye. Honestly, manual focus is not that hard, unless you’re shoot fast moving action – then autofocus is a must. Shot in raw and processed in Iridient Developer and Lightroom + SilverFX Pro for B&W. Enjoy 🙂

Portrait XT1 + Voigtlander 58mm f1.4

Portrait XT1 + Voigtlander 58mm f1.4