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Fujifilm XT1 + Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar f3.5

Can really old lenses work well on modern bodies. Yep – absolutely. This old Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar can produce beautiful images on the XT1, and you can sometimes find these lenses going for a song at a yard sale or in a thirft shop. Online the prices have risen significantly over the past few years as mirrorless cameras have grown in popularity. Click images for larger. Enjoy.


Chinese Garden Zen

See what a 50 year old lens on a Fujifilm XT1 can achieve 😃



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Lens battle – Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm f3.5 vs Canon FD 85mm f1.8 on Fujifilm XT10

Quick portrait battle of 2 vintage lenses no longer for sale. Only found on eBay, other classified websites, garage sales and pawn shops. Not scientific just for fun – yes with lots of PP you could get them more similar, but I don’t like spending too much time doing that. Both manual focus lenses adapted to Fujifilm XT10. Shot indoors ISO 1000, 1/180, with bounce flash Fujifilm EF-20 and processed in Iridient Developer – which one wins and why?

For me the Carl Zeiss wins this one because:

  • The colours render better even with similar processing. The Canon renders a bit flatter.
  • The Zeiss has more detail to me, even though they’re both great lenses for around AUD$100 each.
  • Yes I’ll admit I probably cropped the Canon pics too much.

Firstly the Zeiss – click for bigger

untitled-2 untitled

And now the Canon – I probably cropped these too much – click for bigger

untitled-4 untitled-3